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Support for the Design of Machine Elements

MDESIGN is a calculation and information software for mechanical engineering, which enables the design of a variety of machine elements including bolts, shafts, axles, beams, bearings, gears, springs. It incorporates practical experiences and latest research results.

MDESIGN follows proven calculation methods and facilitates documentation according to European and international standards DIN, EN, ISO, VDI. E.g. DIN 743 (shafts), DIN 26281 and ISO/TS 16281 (bearings), VDI 2230 and Eurocode 3 (bolt connections), analytical strength assessment of components according to the German FKM (Research Committee on Mechanical Engineering) guideline. New in MDESIGN 2020: Calculation of pressure vessels according to EN 13445 and AD 2000, welds according to Eurocode, FKM guideline, DVS. An individually configurable tool, MDESIGN supports you to optimise existing and develop new design solutions. Reports, available in several languages, contribute to meeting internal and external standards requirements, e.g. the EC machinery directive.

We are the distributor for MDESIGN in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. Please contact us directly to discuss your needs. Details on the software are available on the manufacturer's website.


Professor Hal Gurgenci, School of Mechanical and Mining Engineering, The University of Queensland, Australia: We started using MDESIGN in teaching a course in the Semester 2 2016. We have been using it since then as a resource for our undergraduate students. Students are able to download the software onto their personal laptops. The use of MDESIGN in their project work enables me to focus on the fundamentals of machine element design rather than using valuable classroom time to cover tedious slides of essentially cookbook formulae. Having said this, MDESIGN is not a pushbutton software package. In order to be able to use it, the students are still expected to understand the fundamental nature of the component they are designing. We had a few hiccoughs at the beginning but the technical support from Germany was prompt and we were able to find fixes rather quickly. So far we are quite happy with MDESIGN.